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At Mayday Social Work Consultancy, we are passionate about changing things when they are not working effectively. Our team is headed by Elaine Nembhard, a Qualified Social Worker and Trainer with a strong background in service development and improvement.

Since working as a Social Worker in child protection, I have seen at first-hand some of the problems that beset the service. I have heard numerous complaints from social workers, and in researching the subject, I realised that social workers have been complaining for years and yet nothing has changed.

Consider the following quotes and their relevance to what has been happening in the work children:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.

I am on an ambitious mission to reduce or stop the “insanity” and start the journey to help social work with children and family “evolve.”

Our passion is making things work better, finding tangible solutions to resolve problems, so our work concentrates on finding solutions to some of the main issues that social workers, their employers, children, their families, and Ofsted have identified.

Here are a few problems we aim to eliminate!

For social workers

  • Social workers are spending approximately 60-80% of their time on administrative tasks and therefore less time on meaningful social work with children and their families.


  • Not enough time to spend getting to know the children, get their views, feelings, and wishes or to carry out direct with work children but social workers are expected to have captured “the voice of the child” or their work will be judged negatively.


  • Difficulty completing work due to high caseload, competing priorities leading to social workers feeling inadequate or labelled ineffective.


  • No work life balance due to social workers working excessive hours to meet statutory requirements and keep on top of their workload.


For Employers

  • High caseloads

  • Workforce instability through inability to retain skilled, experienced social workers and newly qualified (AYSE).

  • Inability to evidence good social work practice and better outcomes for children and their families

  • Poor reputation among social workers therefore unable to attract permanent staff



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