Our trainers motivate and empower front-line practitioners to work more confidently with both parents and not solely the primary carer where there is evidence of ongoing, poorly resolved parental conflict. We encourage all participants to explore their own unconscious bias and approach the conflict through a trauma lens to remove any barriers to engagement.

We believe our holistic solution focused approach to what we do will help Practitioners to support children and their families and achieve better outcomes in the sector. Our work is about improving practice, preventing problems happening, when they do there is an appropriate intervention available to respond the problem.

We believe that by getting the right training and interventions the sector will benefit from:

• reduced referrals and implementation of child protection procedures

• reduced caseloads for social workers/early intervention practitioners and support retention of staff

• stop the ongoing problem of re-referrals (revolving door syndrome)

• improve client satisfaction levels

• achieving better outcomes for children and their families

Social Workers and other safeguarding professionals (see Working together to Safeguard Children, 2018) will testify that when they speak to parents about intense conflict (couple situational possible violence), parents’ response is “arguments are normal, all couples argue.” In many cases they do not accept that because the children are present, that it can harm them. Our interventions will help parents to understand and develop insight into the concerns.

When parents separate, many act on emotions and fail to understand how their actions impact their child. Our educational conflict resolution programmes aim to help improve the quality of the parental relationship and quality of life for children. Our parenting interventions are for parents experiencing conflict that is intense, frequent and hard to resolve before it escalates into situational couple violence.

We understand the difference between interparental conflict and domestic abuse. For this reason, we have Mayday Domestic Violence Services providing training and interventions services when this is required.