Resolve problems, so our work concentrates on finding solutions to some of the main issues that social workers, their employers, children, their families, and Ofsted have identified. 

The services we offer include:

  • Project manage mock Ofsted inspections.
  • Case file and quality assurance audits.
  • Practice improvement development and implementation.
  • Improving partnership working.
  • Support social workers to work ‘Smarter not Harder’ by adopting our model of working.
  • Develop or improve social work tools and administrative systems to work smarter and efficiently rather than harder.
  • Maximise the technology organisations have invested in to improve social workers’ productivity, so they get to spend more time with the children allocated to them.
  • Critically appraisal of IT system for recording working with children and their families to create a more effective, user-friendly system that focuses on evidencing good outcomes for children and social work practice.


Please contact us if you need the services of an excellent social worker to:

  • Carry out parenting, viability and Special Guardianship Order (SGO) assessments.
  • Help with the backlog of work e.g. children and family assessment.