Elevating safeguarding and family support services through innovative courses, developed and delivered by trainers who are knowledgeable about your invaluable work and can provide solutions to solve genuine problems. 

We offer our courses to organisations who would like to deliver them using their in-house resources and Train their Trainer to deliver them.

Our face-to-face training will resume when it is safe to do so and following the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines. We continue to deliver our programmes on the following platforms, the choice is yours:

Microsoft Teams
Adobe Connect

We have a number of courses ready for delivery but are available to develop a tailored course to meet your needs if you can’t find what you want:

  • Direct Work with Children (an inclusive approach)
  • Ethnographic Interviewing Skills (cross culture interviewing skills especially for workers involved in assessments and court work)
  • Equality, Diversity, Human Rights, and Bias (a holistic approach to diversity training for Social Workers and other safeguarding practitioners)
  • Motivational Interviewing Skills for Working with Victims of and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
  • Safeguarding Children Exposed to Narcissistic Parenting, Coercive Control and Parental Alienation based on Alison Smith’s (www.maydaydvs.co.uk ) 99% of people rate the book 5 Stars – Amazon
  • Understanding and Working with the Complexities of Domestic Violence (in partnership with Mayday Domestic Violence Services (www.maydaydvs.co.uk )
  • Working with Parents to Identify, Reduce Parental Conflict to Safeguard and Promote Children’s Wellbeing
  • Work Smarter NOT Harder – A Guide for Social Workers.

To receive a full outline and the price for delivering any of the above, please complete the contact form.

More Training

Mayday Social Work Consultancy also offers training in the following:

This course helps practitioners to learn about Ethnographic Interviewing and develop Ethnographic Interviewing skills to undertake assessments with ethnically diverse families. Our training course will help practitioners to:

– Understand the principles and goals of Ethnographic Interviewing

– Learn how to put Ethnographic Interviewing techniques into practice

– Use Ethnic Interviewing skills to engage and gather meaningful information from ethnically diverse clients

– Understand how various communication styles and use of authority (including his or her own) may foster or inhibit communication with families and colleagues.

– Understand and appreciate the experiences views of people from diverse cultures

– Develop skills to be a more culturally competent practitioner who values and respect cultural differences and is conscious of the fact that these differences have an impact on interventions and outcomes.

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Our course will help everyone who work with children, young people and their families to promote their equality, diversity and rights. It will help to:

– Understand, identify and challenge prejudice and discrimination

– Reflect on practice and promote children and young people’s rights in all areas of work

– Implement equality and diversity in direct work with children and young people

– Evidence client empowerment and good practice

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We know that social work with children and families is a complex undertaking. Working with children and families from diverse backgrounds can add to the complexity, therefore, it is crucial that you practice self-reflection at all times.

Our course aims and goals to:

– support social workers to use develop and use cultural humility skills in their interaction with families from diverse background

– enhance the skills and knowledge that are necessary to embed equality and diversity through their practice

– Understand how some cultural factors influence the way people view and experience social care intervention

– Explore equality legislation and consider ways that these could be implemented on a day to day basis, including direct work and when interviewing clients.

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This course is for social workers who want to develop their emotional intelligence skills to communicate and connect more successfully with people clients and colleagues or when under emotional pressure.

Our course can help support practitioners to:

– Recognise and understand the consequences of emotional states and to self-regulate and change

– Developing emotional intelligence skills to improve the most challenging relationships and interactions

– Speak up for yourself with firmness, clarity and integrity while treating difficult clients with respect and understanding.

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Motivational Interviewing Skills for Working with Victims of and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (2 Day Programme)

What is Motivational Interview (MI)?

You will be aware of the different definition of MI and ours is no different- basically, it’s about holding that particular conversation with clients about change.

We believe that our MI intervention offers a distinct alternative to other programmes because the social worker can deliver it during their routine work with the parents. It can be completed on a one-to-one basis with clients if they are assessed as suitable.


Our MI course has been developed to complement our training on Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse. It is essential that you attend the domestic violence course before participating in the MI training.

On this course, you will learn:

– About the key concepts of MI

– The Fundamental skills of MI

– The critical skills you will need to elicit behavioural change by helping clients to examine, understand and work through their ambivalence

– How to put MI skills into practice (opportunities to practice)

– How to tailor your intervention to meet individual client’s needs.

– How to work with clients to build their confidence to move forward.

This course is about preparing skilled individuals to work with clients to make positive changes. The person must have participated in the Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse training as they will need to help the client to understand their lived experience.

MaydayDVS Training – Click here for more information


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Without a doubt social work with children and young people is complex with numerous time-consuming statutory tasks that must be completed. For many, these tasks can seem daunting especially where caseloads are high. Knowing how to prioritise to complete what you need to complete is an essential skill that will prevent stress, burnout and increase job satisfaction.

Our training will help you to:

– Learning how to prioritise you work effectively and help you to complete work before or within timescale-

– Learn about tools that can be employed to manage the workload

– Learn strategies and methods to help you work smarter not harder by dealing with the barriers to effective time management

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