Elevating safeguarding and family support services through innovative courses, developed and delivered by trainers who are knowledgeable about your invaluable work and can provide solutions to solve genuine problems. 

We offer our courses to organisations who would like to deliver them using their in-house resources and Train their Trainer to deliver them.

Our face-to-face training will resume when it is safe to do so and following the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines. We continue to deliver our programmes on the following platforms, the choice is yours:

Microsoft Teams
Adobe Connect

We have a number of courses ready for delivery but are available to develop a tailored course to meet your needs if you can’t find what you want:

  • Direct Work with Children (an inclusive approach)
  • Ethnographic Interviewing Skills (cross culture interviewing skills especially for workers involved in assessments and court work)
  • Equality, Diversity, Human Rights, and Bias (a holistic approach to diversity training for Social Workers and other safeguarding practitioners)
  • Motivational Interviewing Skills for Working with Victims of and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
  • Safeguarding Children Exposed to Narcissistic Parenting, Coercive Control and Parental Alienation based on Alison Smith’s (www.maydaydvs.co.uk ) 99% of people rate the book 5 Stars – Amazon
  • Understanding and Working with the Complexities of Domestic Violence (in partnership with Mayday Domestic Violence Services (www.maydaydvs.co.uk )
  • Working with Parents to Identify, Reduce Parental Conflict to Safeguard and Promote Children’s Wellbeing
  • Work Smarter NOT Harder – A Guide for Social Workers.

To receive a full outline and the price for delivering any of the above, please complete the contact form.

More Training

Mayday Social Work Consultancy also offers training in the following:

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Materials produced by Mayday Social Work Consultancy can be found here.