Co-parenting Apart Without Conflict (Intervention for Parents)

Sometimes parents simply do not want to complete an intervention together including mediation our couple counselling. They do want to resolve the conflict with one another but being told to resolve their issues together is not the message they want to hear.

One-to-one meetings to discuss the nature of the conflict, the harm of from parental conflict and the long-term benefits to their children of cooperative parenting.

Providing good information and encouragement to be non-combative is another option. Depending on the issues are causing conflict, the intervention could cover:

* Learning about and understanding your parenting style and what it means to co-parent
* Co-parenting conflicts and behavioural responses
* Conflict within Blended Families
* Effects of separation on children
* Effects of parental conflict on children
* Putting children first to ensure positive long-term outcomes
* Effective communication and positive change
* Sustaining positive changes.