Co-parenting Without Conflict’ ( Intervention for Parents)

Mayday’s ‘Co-parenting Without Conflict’ is an intervention undertaken with co-parenting couples or with groups of parents. It can be either through support sessions or workshops.

Our trainers facilitate our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme that will enable participants to deliver the intervention.

The programme encourages parents to understand the impact of parental conflict on their children by viewing things from the child’s perspective.

The aims and outcomes of the programme are, but is not limited to:
• educating parents about conflict and the negative behaviours that promote and escalate the co-parenting conflict;
• teaching parents practical conflict resolution skills to promote positive change in the co-parenting relationship and reduce the adverse impact of parental conflict on their children;
• guide parents to improve how they communicate and reduce the opportunities for conflict;
• guide parents to establish or re-establish a child-centred approach to co-parenting or shared parenting;
• making sure the child’s voice is inherent in the intervention
• work with parents on strategies, develop a plan to implement and sustain change.

Our Co-parenting without Conflict programme is based on Mayday’s toolkit. It contains various tools designed for use in the intervention according to needs. Its flexibility allows for direct work with adults, in assessing and intervening and crucially capturing the child’s wishes and feelings.
What you will get with this programme:
• 2-day train the trainer programme
• The intervention programme and toolkit