Practitioners Skills for Intervening where there is Parental Conflict

The Early Intervention or Family Support Practitioner works in a demanding role that requires multiple skills and qualities similar to those of a social worker. We recognise their valuable role and work and have tailored our training course for social workers to meet their needs. Success in working with families needs specific skills, and these skills need to be continuously reviewed and developed to ensure personal effectiveness.

Our programme is underpinned by “critical thinking skills”, and we have added others that are invaluable in the helping professions. You are welcome to tailor this programme according to your needs, but our focus is assessment and intervention and the skills that are required, so the areas that we can include are:

1. identifying needs and intervening (what this entails);

2. understanding and using strength-based approach in assessments;

3. use of active empathetic listening;

4. use of empathetic questioning techniques;

5. how build and maintain rapport with children and adults;

6. understanding the “use of self” in your practice;

7. ensure consistent use of professional curiosity;

8. understanding and working with diversity and promote children’s equality, diversity and rights;

9. managing relationships (using the Drama Triangle);

10. Techniques to manage work to prevent case drift;
11. Evaluating the effectiveness of intervention.