Reducing Parental Conflict (Original Programme)

We are experienced in delivering these modules (see list of local authorities in the Client section) where our trainers delivered the training.    We do not just deliver the modules in their original format, we add exceptional value due to our diverse professional backgrounds.

To deliver individual or combined modules from the existing RPC programme (below) on a platform of your choice virtually or face to face depending on when you would like the training delivered.

Module 1: Understanding the parental conflict evidence-base

Providing practitioners with the knowledge to underpin practice, this introductory workshop explores the evidence base and the impact of parental conflict on outcomes for children.

Module 2: Identify and discuss parental conflict with parents

Focusing on the causes of parental conflict, this workshop equips practitioners with the skills to work with parents to identify and explore relationship conflict.

Module 3: Working with parents in conflict

This skills-based workshop introduces a series of tools that can be used to work with parents, encouraging behaviour change and promoting positive communication.

Module 4: The role of supervisors and managers in managing people to address parental conflict

Aimed at supervisors and managers, this workshop focuses on the importance of recognising parental conflict, with an aim to develop the skills to coach and support practitioners.