Supporting Parents to Co-Parent Without Conflict

This programme is designed for Practitioners to support parents. It focuses on interpersonal conflict and conflict types and the behaviours and responses that increase escalation.

The aims and outcomes of the programme are, but is not limited to:

* knowledge and understanding of different conflict types;
* knowledge and understanding of conflictive behaviours that increase parental conflict and escalating and become difficult to resolve;
* knowledge and understanding of crucial conflict resolutions strategies to support parents to make change;
* using a range of critical skills to intervene and support parents to reduce the adverse impact of parental conflict on their children;
* embedding equality and diversity into everyday practice (optional), including engaging with fathers.

Toolkit and Ideas to Assess and Intervene

Practitioners will have access to our toolkit and will be able to select tools to intervene with families. We have included tools for direct work with children to make their voices heard when working with their parents.